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Bluedanubepark Korneuburg

A unique site in Europe, which is situated on the DANUBE, is going to be populated and animated again: The site of the closed down former shipyard in Korneuburg near Vienna.
The site with 180000 square meters was environmentally restored, after investing EUR 20 million. A floodwater protecting has already been approved and a special exit is planned. In addition to it`s special location and the charm of this relocation project, an investor can expect extraordinary high subsidies from the EU for the development of the Danube area. The Danube -in this case- stands for a cross-boarder perspective in the EU. During
it`s 150 years of existence the shipyard Korneuburg has seen 1000 different ships (differnet sizes) being built, which are still on the big sea or river.
At once the operations in the shipyard Korneuburg had been very extensive, so one could say it was the biggest shipyard of the world. At it`s peak
there were 2000 employees. 17 years ago it had been closed down, after building the last ship "Gymnasium Schiff", which is still used as a "swimming
middle school" in the Danube. Today`s settlement with it`s spectacular project should follow up on the economic glorious past.